Brand & digital designer

A passionate brand and digital designer based in Belgium. I have a knack for shaping captivating visual narratives that bring businesses' stories to life, leaving a lasting impression on their audiences.

In my design journey, I go beyond pixels and colors. I strive to create digital experiences that captivate, inspire, and forge meaningful connections with people. As a UI/UX and brand designer, I blend creativity and strategy to craft solutions that truly resonate with your audience.


Brand strategy

Brand positioning


Brand identity

Brand guidelines

Art direction

Digital design

Motion design


I don't have any charts or diagrams that explain my creative process (sorry). It adapts and evolves depending on the needs of every client and project. And I don't have clever names for the stages of each project. But I do have curiosity. I believe that to truly solve a problem you need to talk about it. You need to look at it from every angle. You need to discuss and debate it. You need to pull it apart, then put it back together again. And I believe in doing all of these things together. Conversation, consideration, and collaboration. That's my process.